Braunsforth, Kr. Saatzig, Pomerania (Bród, Poland)

Braunsforth lies a few miles north of Freienwalde and just west of the Wothschwien Lake.   In 1871 there were 218  had 179 inhabitants in 1905,  255 inhabitants in 1910 and 360 inhabitants living in 94 households in 1939.

 (Source: Paul Schulz   Der Kreis Saatzig und die kreisfreie Stadt Stargard. Ein pommersches Heimatbuch.  (Hrsg.). Leer: Rautenberg, 1984)

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Photographs and postcards from the early 1900's

Reprinted courtesy of Dr. Vita von Wedel



von Wedel Estate (Gut)



The old and new manor houses of the von Wedel family in Braunsforth.  

The original manor house on the right burned down in 1917.

The new manor house was built sometime between 1893 and 1911; the exact date is unknown.

The von Wedel mansion was one of the most well-known manor houses in Kr. Saatzig.  

At the time that the Julius Maass family lived in Braunsforth, Hugo von Wedel was the estate owner.

There are no surviving members of the Braunsforth branch of the von Wedel family.  Hugo and his wife, Bertha, had no children and left the estate to his nephew Busso, the son of his brother Rudolph. Busso died in 1911.  The estate was inherited by his oldest son Hugo, who died as a lieutenant in 1914 (World War I.).  The estate passed to his younger brother Rudolph (1897-1959), who married  Margarethe von Campe (1894-1948). They had no children.


Undated photo




These black and white postcard photos were dated 1915;  the color postcard depicting the von Wedel manor, the pub/restaurant  

and school was sent in 1916.                                                                                   

Village photos


School                                                        Store                                                                Village street, Pub/Restaurant and Manor


Photos from 1999-2003

by Gene Maas 


Entering Braunsforth                                         Church in Braunsforth           Church Sanctuary - 18 May 2001




Bell in the church tower          The clockworks of an old clock 

Cast for the church in 1855     still mounted in the bell tower - 14 Sep 2003





The old German cemetery where Julius and Emilie Maass' daughters,

Martha and Emma, are probably buried.  It is located 1.1 km south of the church.

All the gravestones have been destroyed and the cemetery has been abandoned.






June 1999                                                        May 2001

The former von Wedel manor house viewed from the front and the back.



The von Wedel family cemetery plot  is located about one block north of the mansion.

 Among the weeds and brush is this gravestone indicating that Hugo died April 25, 1893.




Barns on the von Wedel estate in Braunsforth.  The date on the red brick barn indicates it was built in 1883.




Site of the sheep barns where Julius Maass worked as a shepherd.

The ruins of the foundation where Gene Maas is standing may be those of the house.

A much larger foundation 30 to 50 yards behind him appears to be that of the sheep barns.

The area is now overgrown with trees and brush.  Only the largest trees may have stood here in 1895

when Julius and his family immigrated to Minnesota.  This site  is located about one mile south of Braunsforth.



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