Hohenselchow, Kr. Uckermark (formerly Kr. Randow), Germany

A small village about 10 miles due north of Schwedt and 4 miles west of the Oder River.

The birthplace of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rieck (b. Feb. 22, 1858).

 There were 993 people living in Hohenselchow in 1871; 903 in 1933. 


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Postcard from Hohenselchow showing the church and dairy

(probably taken prior to 1914)



   East entrance to Hohenselchow - 5 June 1999            Entering Hohenselchow from Gross Pinnow which is                

                                                                                       just 2 km (1.2 miles) to the south.



St. John's Lutheran Church                                                                                     View from the balcony



 A pond in Hohenselchow                        Chestnut tree in bloom - 14 May 2001



Manor house in Hohenselchow                Barn on the Gut in Hohenselchow


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