Villages in Kr. Saatzig, Pomerania (now part of Poland)

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Alt Damerow (Stara Dabrowa, Poland)


Front and side views of the church  (5/16/01)                                      Interior photos courtesy of Diane Boehm (2007)

Buchholz (Grabowo, Poland)


Church and cemetery  (5/16/01)                                                        Church (5/3/07)



Church altar, pews and bell (5/3/07)

Kietzig (Kicko, Poland


Church  (5/16/01)                         More views  (5/3/07)

Kitzerow (Kiczarowo, Poland)


Church  (5/16/01)                        Church (5/3/07)            House (5/3/07)  



Manor House (5/3/07)          Buildings on the Gut (5/3/07)    Close-up         2-story barn or store house                                 


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