Ornshagen, Kr. Regenwalde, Pomerania (Zerzyno, Poland)

Ornshagen is located at the confluence of the Paatziger and Rega rivers about four miles southwest of Regenwalde.

This village was the home of two Maass families -- David and Friedrike Maass (my great great grandparents) and Franz

and Johanna Maass, David's brother and sister-in-law.  Julius Maass was born here in 1846 and Johanna Maass in 1850.

In 1871 there were 365 inhabitants living in 60 households in Ornshagen.  The village was almost completely 

destroyed in  WWII and is now nearly deserted.


Click on images for an enlarged view (photos taken in Sept. 2003; except cemetery photos taken May 1, 2007)



Cobblestone road to Zerzyno                                             Entrance gate to the former von Borcke mansion



Barns on the former Gut



One of the few remaining houses in Ornshagen                                            A restored barn



Ornshagen cemetery and chapel (5/1/07)              Gravestone for Grafen            Gravestone for Graf and 

                                                                            von Perponcher-Sedlnitzky     Grafin von Bulow 



Foot bridge and dam on the Paatziger river                        Pond behind the Paatziger dam



Ruins of what appeared to be a mill-dam on the Paatziger river            A concrete fence on the former estate



Dam on the Rega river


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