Gross Pinnow, Kr. Uckermark (formerly Kr. Randow), Germany

Gross Pinnow had 604 inhabitants in 1933.

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Postcard from Pinnow received ca. 1947

 (X marks location of the August Schulz house where Hermine Rieck was born.)

Photo was taken before WW II when the church steeple was destroyed.


Hermine (Rieck) Maas' birthplace at Krugstrasse 12 in Gross Pinnow

In 1881, this house belonged to Hermine's grandparents, August and Henrietta Schulz.

Later, their daughter, Pauline, and her family lived here.  The photo on the left was received from Auguste Grieger

on 16 April 1948 by Hermine Maas.  If Anna, Carl & Pauline Jahnke are in the picture, as assumed, the photo

would have been taken prior to 1930 when Pauline died.  On the right is the house, with some alterations, 

as it appeared on 4 June 1999




Three views of St. Katharine's Evangelische Church in Gross Pinnow



World War I memorial                World War II memorial                Carl Ludwig von Schulz memorial plaque


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