Village Churches in Hinter Pomerania

May 2001 (except where noted)


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Church                                    von Wedel gravesite

Teschendorf (Ciesyno), Kr. Regenwalde



Church and street in Ludwigshorst (Taczaly), Kr. Regenwalde



Altenfliess (Trzebawie)            Rosenfelde (Brzezniak)                Mellen (Mielno)

Churches in Kr. Regenwalde



Three views of the church in Klaushagen (Przyton), Kr. Regenwalde



Church in Jarchlin (Jarchlino), Kr. Naugard          Church in Maskow (Maszkowo), Kr. Naugard



Church in Külz (Kulice), Kr. Naugard (Sep 2003)   Church in Marienhagen (Oswino), Kr. Naugard (Sep 2003)



Side and front views of the church in Vossberg (Lisowo), Kr. Saatzig


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