Regenwalde, Kr. Regenwalde, Pomerania (Resko, Poland)

Population of Regenwalde grew from 3,363 residents in 1875 to 5,014 in 1939.

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Entering Regenwalde from the south                             Regenwalde Town Hall (erected in 1841)



Regenwalde stores and apartments



The church in Regenwalde was built at the end of the 14th century in the Gothic style. 

The church was rebuilt after several fires (the biggest in 1916) and in 1881 a tower 216 feet high was added.

After World War II, this Evangelische Church was consecrated as a Catholic Church 

and is now known as the Church of Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception.


Church entrance and tower                                    Closeup and detail of church door


 Several of David and Friederike Maass' children were baptized and confirmed in this church.

Julius Wilhelm Albert Maass was baptized here 20 December 1846; 

Johann August David Maass on 28 July 1844; 

Johanna Ernstine (Maass) Luedtke on 14 July 1850; and 

Eduard Franz Wilhelm Maass on 28 March 1853 

Confirmation dates were:

Carl Friedrich Erdmann Maass  on 24 March 1850.

Johanne Wilhelmine Karoline (Maass) Hartwig  on 4 April 1852

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Maass on 9 April 1854

August Heinrich Eduard Maass  on 16 March 1856

Church sanctuary 

 (Photo by Joyce Gardner, Sept. 2002)


Monument dedicated to Dr. Carl Sprengel

Dr. Sprengel was a renowned agronomist and chemist who conducted pioneering research in agricultural chemistry during the first half of the 19th century.  He was an innovative and noted scientist and educator who made many outstanding contributions in the fields of soil and plant science.  He  postulated a new theory of plant mineral nutrition known as the Law of the Minimum and wrote fundamental text books on soil chemistry, plant nutrition and fertilizers, and crop production.  In 1842, he founded a private agricultural academy and experiment station in Regenwalde where he tested his theories of plant nutrition in the field.  Sprengel also founded a farm machinery factory and a dairy factory in Regenwalde.

[For more on the life of Dr. Sprengel, the reader is referred to an article by R. R. van der Ploeg, W. Böhm, and M. B. Kirkham entitled, "On the Origin of the Theory of Mineral Nutrition of Plants and the Law of the Minimum" published in 1999 in the Soil Science Society of America Journal, vol. 63:1055–1062.]


(photos were taken May 1, 2007)


Gene Maas posing at the monument                   Buildings across the street from the monument (farm equipment factory?)




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