Schulz Family History

The earliest known Schulz ancestor was my 3rd great grandfather, Carl Wilhelm Schulz, a property owner (eigentümer) living in Pinnow, Kreis Randow, Pommern, Germany. Carl was married to Charlotte Luise Hartwig. Their birthdates are unknown but a son born in 1828 indicates that they were were born in the early 1800's. Carl and Charlotte had at least seven children, although one, a twin, died at birth. Their children were: August Ferdinand Gottlieb (b. August 04, 1828), Caroline Wilhelmine (b. July 25, 1830), Martin August (b. January 06, 1833), Wilhelm Friedrich (b. February 22, 1835), Dorothee Luise (b. November 25, 1837), Caroline Justine (b. January 30, 1844) and Caroline's unnamed twin who died at birth.

Martin August Schulz, my 2nd great grandfather, went by the name of August. He married Wilhelmine Henrietta Sarow on January 31, 1861 in Vierraden, a village about six miles south of Pinnow, and lived at Krugstrassse 12, in Pinnow (see Map). As a result of re-districting, Pinnow (now called Gross Pinnow) is currently in the county (Kreis) of Uckermark. This home remains in the family today and is occupied by their 2nd great grandson, Eitel Richter and his family. Wilhelmine Henrietta, who went by the name of Henrietta, was born October 24, 1839, the daughter of Hannes Sarow of Vierraden. August and Henrietta had nine children including a stillborn twin girl. Their names and birthdates are: Wilhelmine (b. April 06, 1861), Marie Auguste (b. September 09, 1862), Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (b. September 28, 1864), Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette (b. August 16, 1866), Anna Caroline Albertine (b. December 12, 1867), Amanda Pauline Luise and her stillborn twin sister (b. December 18, 1869), Pauline Auguste Luise (b. February 08, 1872) and August (b. January 08, 1878).

The above information was extracted from the church registers for Pinnow which were housed in the office of the pastor of the St. Johannes Evangelische Lutheran Church in Hohenselchow. Three registers for the years 1821-1845, 1826-1854, and 1855-1874 were located there.

Marie Auguste, my great grandmother, was the only member of the Schulz family who immigrated to the United States. She married Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rieck on March 20, 1882 at Pinnow and in April 1882 they left Germany and settled in Lewiston, MN. More on this union can be found on the Rieck family history page.

The following information about Marie's siblings and their families, who remained in Germany, was extracted from letters and photographs sent by Fritz Grieger, Auguste Grieger, and Emil Schmidt to Hermine (Rieck) Maas, my grandmother. The A/N numbers below refer to accession numbers that I assigned to the letters and other documents for reference and cataloging purposes. Additional information was obtained from the Richter family in Pinnow and from Hans Schmidt (Emil's son) when we visited him and his son, Harald, in Berlin in May 2001.

Descendants of August And Henrietta Schulz

August and Henrietta (Sarow) Schultz apparently lived their entire married life at Krugstrassse 12, in Pinnow. Their property consisted of a two-story home, a large barn and ten or more acres of land. August died there on March 24, 1907 and Henrietta died October 30, 1912 or 1913. A/N 47

1. Wilhelmine Schulz was born on April 6, 1861 in Pinnow and died July 13, 1940. She was buried in cemetery near Stahnsdorf, Berlin. She married Otto Wilhelm Emil Schmidt on October 21, 1886. Otto was born on December 13, 1860 in Vierraden and died March 05, 1894 in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany. Their children were Richard and Emil. A/N 1, 33, 47, 52, 57

i. Richard Schmidt was born November 14, 1887. He was married in 1913, had no children and lived near Baumschulenweg in the Russian sector of Berlin. They apparently owned about 4000 sq. ft. of land for a garden. Richard was drafted on the first day of military mobilization and took a bullet to the arm on August 1914 while serving in Russia during WW I. He was in Berlin until October 19 when he returned to Russia only to be wounded again. He recovered in a hospital in Bavaria with injury to his fingers. A/N 13, 24, 25, 26, 36, 43, 44, 45, 54, 57

ii. Otto Richard Emil Schmidt, called Emil, was born May 19, 1894 in Charlottenburg, a suburb of Berlin, Germany. He served with the military canoniers during WW I. He married Anna Bertha Maria Nestel on May 17, 1924 in Berlin and they lived in Charlottenburg, in the English sector of Berlin. They had one child, Hans Otto Wilhelm (b. private) who was an American prisoner of war in South Tyrol, Italy during WW II. Emil was a Schlosser (mechanic or locksmith) for the railroad. A/N 8, 12, 25, 45

1) Hans and his wife, Marianne were married May 21, 1949 and had two sons, Harold (b. private) and Andreas (b. private). Marianne died on June 21, 2000.

2. Marie Auguste Schulz (b. September 9, 1862) died on March 26, 1944 in Springfield, MN. See the Rieck family tree.

3. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm was born September 28, 1864 in Pinnow and died of diphtheria or croup (halsbräune) on July 11, 1868 at the age of 3 years, 9 months and 13 days.

4. Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette Schulz was born August 16, 1866 in Pinnow. She married Albert Grieger (b. March 1866) and they lived in French Sector of Berlin. She died November 11, 1952 and Albert died November 1, 1945 at 79 years of age. A/N 1, 24, 25, 26, 33, 47, 52

5. Anna Caroline Albertine Schulz was born December 12, 1867 in Pinnow and married Georg Bürgam May 31, 1888. They celebrated their 50th anniversary on May 31, 1938. They apparently had six children, Willi, Marie, Johann (or Hans?), Minnie, Lotte, and Emma. Anna died December 21, 1942, Georg died March 11, 1947 at 85 years. A/N 1, 11, 24, 47

i. Willi Bürgam died in the war in Belgium (Netherlands). His widow lived with Johann after WWII. A/N 11, 33, 57

ii. Marie Bürgam and her 3 children disappeared after World War II. A/N 24

iii. Johann or Hans Bürgam was a plumber. His only son Kurt died as a Russian prisoner of war. A/N 11, 24

iv. Minnie Bürgam. A/N 33

v. Lotte Bürgam was married twice, had one daughter from first marriage. A/N 24

vi. Emma Bürgam went to South America and disappeared. A/N 25

6. Amanda Pauline Luise Schulz was born December 18, 1869 and married Wilhelm Grieger. They had two children, Fritz and Erna. Amanda lived with her daughter, Erna, after the WWII. A/N 7, 47, 57

i. Fritz Grieger was born in July 1893. In 1914, at the age of 20, he wrote to say he had a job as a cabinet maker and was living in Reineckendorf West, Berlin. He married Johanna who died on March or April 29, 1934. They had three children, Heinz, Harri, and Gunter. On November 30, 1934 he married again to Johanna Radke, who was born in March 1899. Fritz died October 13, 1962 in Berlin, Germany. A/N 3, 4, 24, 37, 56

1) Heinz was born about December 1918. He was an American war prisoner and was released in September 1945. He got married October 4, 1947 and worked as a glasier. A/N 2, 24, 31

2) Harri was born about 1921, married on Easter 1947 and worked as a plumber. A/N 24, 31

3) Gunter was born about 1927, married on October 25, 1947, and worked as a custom shoemaker. A/N 2, 31

ii. Erna Grieger was born in July 1902 and had one daughter, Ingeborg, born about 1926. A letter from Fritz in 1936 mentions that Erna had vision in only one eye and suffered from headaches. A/N 23, 24, 52

7. Pauline Auguste Luise Schulz was born February 08, 1872 in Pinnow and married Carl Gustav Albert Jahnke on February 20, 1902 and lived on the home place in Pinnow, Germany. Pauline and Carl had one child, a daughter named Anna. Pauline died in March 24, 1930 at age 58. Carl was born December 12, 1871 in Gartz. He served from August 25 to December 1, 1914 in WWI. He died December 18, 1946. A/N 19, 24, 47, 48

i. Anna Jahnke was born January 07, 1905 in Pinnow. She married Hans Staatz who was born January 07, 1905. They had one child, a daughter they named Anni Pauline Ulrike. Anna died on September 02, 1981.

1) Anni Pauline Ulrike Staatz was born September 30, 1932 in Pinnow and married Franz Josef Richter. Anni died on May 29, 1998.

8. August Schulz, Jr. was born January 8, 1878 and died in 1885. A/N 47

- Gene Maas
rev. 21 May 2004