Ulrichshof Kr. Kolberg-Körlin, Pomerania (Olszyna, Poland)

Ulrichshof is located about 7 miles northeast of Kolberg.  It is a suburb on the southwestern border of Henkenhagen.

In medieval times, this village was known as Boltenhagen.  The name was changed to Ulrichshof around 1618 in honor of Bishop Ulrich von Cammin who loved to hunt and built a hunting lodge here about 1603.  In 1925, the Pommern Agricultural University was established here.  Its location is shown on a detailed plot map of Henkenhagen.

Click on images for an enlarged view (colored photos taken by Gene Maas in April 2007)

Pommern Agricultural University


Aerial view of the university in 1938            University buildings in undated photo

These black and white photographs are posted here courtesy of Dr. Peter Gürge.




Entrance to the former university        University buildings (above and below)





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