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The Vanderburg roots have been traced back to Francis Vanderburg (AKA Frensus Funderburgh) who was born in 1750 in Germany.  He may have been raised in Amsterdam, Holland but eventually immigrated to the United States.  He was a blacksmith and may have been a ferrier for the British during the Revolution.  Francis reportedly was the first Vanderburg of record to live in the Cabarrus County, North Carolina area.  He died on January 03, 1815 and is buried in the St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery at Mt. Pleasant, NC.  This information and conjecture about Francis comes from his 3rd great grandson, John F. Vanderburg. Much of the information about his first, second and third generation descendants was obtained from an extensive GEDCOM file compiled by Cleta Terrell.

First Generation

Francis married  Maria Christina Leyendecker on 25 Nov 1795 in  Cabarrus, North Carolina.  Christina was born about 1776, the daughter of Johannes Philipp Leyendecker and Rosina Ladig, and died in 1834 in North Carolina.   They had five children, Francis II, Sally, John, Sarah Rosina, and Leah.  Some of the known descendents of  Francis Vanderburg can be seen by clicking here.

Francis and Christina are the 4th great grandparents of Norma Harrington Maas.  Her Vanderburg lineage begins with her mother, Rosalie Vanderburg Harrington and traces back through her grandfather, Fleming Rose Burr Vanderburg, and great grandfathers,  Lloyd Calvin Vanderburg , Julius A. Vanderburg , Francis II, and  Francis.  Information about Lloyd Calvin Vanderburg and his descendents has been compiled from notes and records provided by several of his grandchildren.

Second Generation

Francis II Vanderburg was born about 1800 in Cabarrus County, NC. He married Elizabeth Perry (b. ca. 1800), daughter of Elijah Perry and Sarah Crabtree, on 24 Nov 1821.  Francis and Elizabeth had the following children: Amzi (b. 7 August 1822), Martin Marion (b. 7 November 1823), Julius Abiel (b. 25 September 1825), Levi Franklin (b. 12 November 1826), Mary Caroline (b. 12 June 1829), and Loveless (b. 1830).   Elizabeth died on  August 2, 1830 and was buried in St. Martins Lutheran Church cemetery in Concord, NC.  Francis' second wife's name is unknown, as is the marriage date and length of marriage, but they had two children, William Carson (b. 1835), and Lawson Augustus (b. unknown).

On February 20, 1839, he married his third wife, Eveline Almond (b. March 25, 1817) in Cabarrus, North Carolina.  Eveline was born on March 25, 1817 in Stanley, NC.  Francis and Eveline had eleven children: John I. (b. 1840), Alfred F. (b. 1841), Nancy Elizabeth (b. 1844), Francis Marion (b. 1847), Clarri Louisa (b. 1849), Martha Eveline (b. 1850), Duke Washington (b. 1853), Asa (b. 7 Oct 1855), Susannah (b. 5 Apr 1857), Andre McDaniel (b. 1858), and Tommas J. (b. 1861).  Francis died on December 31, 1874 in Cabarrus and was also buried in St. Martins Lutheran cemetery.

Third Generation

Julius A. Vanderburg married Leah Adaline Blalock on November 27, 1848 in Cabarrus County, NC.  She was born on August 2, 1825 at Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus County, NC.  Julius and Leah Adaline had the following children: William Levi, Newton Jasper, Lloyd Calvin (b. November 11, 1853 in Cabarrus County), Eve E., James Gilmore "Jim" , Noah F., (b. 1868), and Mattie.  A second Lloyd Calvin has been mentioned but he may have died before 1853.  Julius' occupation was listed as a miner on a census. He served in the Confederate Army as a Private in L Company of the 17th North Carolina Infantry (2nd Organization) Regiment. (see 


The date and location of his death is uncertain.  According to one source he died in 1880 in Gadsen [sic], Delta County, TX, but another source says he died about 1885 in Lamar County (Gadston), TX. 

[Note: Gadston, formerly called Gadsden, is a farming community at the intersection of State Highway 24 and Farm Road 1184, just north of the North Sulphur River and ten miles south of Paris in extreme south central Lamar County.] 

Julius Vanderburg is supposedly buried in the Garner Family cemetery, an abandoned cemetery located in a cow pasture on the west side of the Old Dallas highway (Lamar Co. Road 14760), about 0.7 mile north of where the highway intersects with Hwy 24.  Leah Adaline died on March 11, 1891 in Delta County (Mount Joy), TX.

Fourth Generation

Lloyd Calvin Vanderburg married Mary Albertine Blackwelder on December 26, 1872 in Cabarrus County.  Mary was born on March 18, 1851, the daughter of Jacob and Sarah Ann Blackwelder.  However, their marriage certificate states that Mary was 23 when she married Loyd (spelled with one "l") on 12/26/1872.  Lloyd and Mary had nine children: Frankland Haynes (b. March 31, 1873), Ollie Ann (b. August 27, 1874), Tinslo L. (b. April 26, 1876), Clemance R. Jenny (b. 1877), Fleming Rose Burr (b. May 02, 1879), Anna Marietta (b. May 1, 1880), Jacob Lester (b. January 06, 1882), Emma Fay Lokey (b. Abt. October 1886), and Reathey Rosetta (b. July 07, 1891).  The family apparently left North Carolina for Delta County, TX prior to 1886 because Emma was born in Texas.  They lived in Delta County for one year and then moved to Lamar County, TX for two years.  About 1889, they moved to Garland County, AR where Reathey was born.  They may have settled at Thornton Ferry on Quachita River near Hot Springs, AR.  Lloyd died April 17, 1912 and Mary died one week later on April 24, 1912.  Both are buried in the Old Oak Grove Cemetery, Hot Springs, AR.

Fifth Generation

Fleming Rose Burr Vanderburg was born May 02, 1879 in Cabarrus County, NC.  On March 26, 1908, he and Daisy May Beardsley, daughter of Arza Beardsley and Adelia Partlow, were married.  Daisy was born on September 10, 1886 at Ithaca, Michigan.  Shortly after they were married, Rose Burr built a wood frame house on a farm about 12 miles from Hot Springs, AR.  Rose Burr and Daisy had ten children: Ethel Viola (b. September 30, 1908), Cora May (b. March 6, 1910), Mabel Ruth (b. January 10, 1912), Mary Adelia (b. October 13, 1913), Della Marie (b. April 04, 1915), Nettie Rosalie (b. April 1, 1916), Bertha Pauline (b. private), Otis Eugene (b. private), Thomas Calvin (b. June 14, 1921), Glenn Oliver (b. September 30, 1924), and Hazel Inez (b. April 21, 1926).

 In the fall of 1925, the family moved to Alto, TX where Rose Burr rented land and farmed for one year.  The next fall, they moved again to Paul's Valley, OK where he rented another farm along the Washita River in Garvin county.  One year later they bought the Hatfield farm in Bryan county and moved there the later part of  1927.  The farmstead was  located about three miles from Bennington, OK on the west side of Magnolia Rd. just 0.4 mile south of Blue Branch Rd. in the NW of section 4, Township 7S, Range 12E.  While they were living there, Daisy contracted tuberculosis and died on October 28, 1929.  The following year was very difficult for the Vanderburg family.  Rose Burr had not only lost his wife and the mother of 11 children, he also lost the farm as a result of the severe economic depression at the time.  Then as the family was moving to a rented farm east of Bennington, around the end of November 1930, Mary became very sick and died on December 19, 1930.  They only stayed one year on this farm, known as the Lauderdale place (NW SW of section 25, T6S, R13E), and then moved again to the Morgan place in the fall of 1931.  The next summer Hazel accidentally fell into a tub of hot water and died on August 28, 1932. 

In January 1933, the family moved to a farm located in the NE NE of section 3, T7S, R13E in Choctaw County, near Boswell, OK where they lived the next six years.  In 1936, Rose Burr and his three sons moved back to Bryan county to a farm located on the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Sulphur Springs Rd and Hepburn Rd (NW SW section 15, T7S, R12E). By then all of the girls had married and left home.

On August 13, 1939, Thomas died of a broken neck after diving into Sulphur Creek while swimming.  Thomas, his sisters, Mary and Hazel, and his mother, Daisy Mae Vanderburg, are all buried in the cemetery on Winters Creek road just east of BenningtonThat fall Rose Burr and his two sons, Otis and Glenn, moved about a mile west to the Billy place, which is located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Wade Rd and Hepburn Rd in the NW SW of section 16, T7S, R12E. In November 1940, while living on this farm, Otis married Christine Cox.  About three years later, Rose Burr quit farming entirely, but not before one last move.  He and Glenn moved three miles north to the farm located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Sulphur Springs Rd and Saramac Lane (NE NE sec 33 T6S, R12E).

During the war Rose Burr worked in several places including Arizona, Dallas, TX, and Oklahoma City.  His son, Glenn, went into the U. S. Army on June 25, 1943 and was killed in action on June 10, 1944 on Biak Island.  He is buried in the American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines. 

Rose Burr died January 1, 1969 in Mesa Southside Hospital, Mesa, AZ and is buried in Mt. View Cemetery, Casa Grande, AZ.

- Gene Maas with information contributed by Pauline (Vanderburg) Harrington and Otis Vanderburg

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