Vehlingsdorf, Kr. Saatzig, Pomerania (Wielen Pomorski, Poland)

Vehlingsdorf had 268 inhabitants in 1939.

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Vehlingsdorf Church - Sept 2003                Front and side views of the church - June 1999

This church is where Grandpa Carl Julius Franz Maas was confirmed in 1892.



 Closeup and detail of the stone & brick masonry and door

The year "1859" was chiseled into the rock just above the center window. 



Church nave and altar - May 2001          Von Wedell memorial plaque         Three of the beautiful stained glass windows



The old German cemetery beside the church has been abandoned and is hardly visible in the underbrush.

In addition to many broken stone bases, a couple of iron crosses and the glass shards of a memorial plaque

lying in the weeds are all that remains.   Sept 2003


  Barn on the von Wedel estate ( Gut ) in Vehlingsdorf.


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