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Globe Cemetery, Globe, AZ

Located on Hackney Avenue

Latitude: 33.393, Longitude: -110.797

(photo by Johnny Holmes)

Alfred E. Harrington

Mountain Breeze Memorial Gardens, Miami, AZ

Located southwest of Miami along Hwy US 60 at milepost 240.

Latitude: 33.368N, Longitude: -110.929W

Harold and Lucille (Harrington) Holmes

Mountain View Cemetery, Casa Grande, AZ

Located on 15506 West Skyway Ave just east of South Trekell Rd.

Latitude: 32.833N, Longitude: -111.732W

John and Bertha (Gaston) Harrington

Rose Burr Vanderburg

Rest Haven Memorial Gardens, Safford, AZ

Located north of Safford on east Airport Road.

Directions from Safford - take 8th Avenue north across the Gila River until the road makes a fork. Veer to the 
right (going east), where the road becomes Airport Road.  The cemetery is about a mile from the fork on the north side of the Road.

Latitude: 32.86N, Longitude: -109.701W


Homer Albert Dudley

Robert and Cora (Vanderburg) Hamilton

Eugene and Rosalie (Vanderburg) Harrington




Cosby Cemetery, Jessieville, Garland Co., AR

Located about one mile east of the Jessieville First Baptist Church on Beaudry Cir.
Latitude: 34.707N, Longitude: -93.043W


(photo by Marilyn Connell-Warren)

Arza T. Beardsley

Crystal Springs Cemetery, Garland Co., AR

Located about 0.5 mi. west of Crystal Springs on Albert Pike Road.  

Directions from Hot Springs: Take Hwy. 270 West  to Crystal Springs approximately 15 miles. Turn left on Ragweed Valley Road and take the first left which ends at cemetery.

Latitude: 34.5208N, Longitude: -93.3444W

(photo by Widow posted on Find-A-Grave website)

David C. and Nettie (Black) Beardsley

Cunningham Cemetery, Royal, Garland Co., AR

Located west of Hot Springs on Old Bear Road between Job Corp Rd. and Kingfisher Ln. 

Directions from Hot Springs: Take 270 west. Turn right on the Old Bear Road. Go 4 miles and cemetery is on the right.

Latitude: 34.529N, Longitude: -93.22W

Tinslo "Tin" L. and Callie (Hisaw) Vanderburg
George Lee Vanderburg
James Arther Vanderburg
Joyce Howard Vanderburg
Noah F. Vanderburg
Tennie Aldertine Vanderberg




Vanderburg Plot

Oak Grove Cemetery, Hot Springs, AR

Located west of Hot Springs at the junction of Oakgrove Rd. and Oakgrove Tr., about a half mile from Hwy 227.  

Directions from Hot Springs: Take State Hwy. 70 west for about 6 mi. from the west end of the bridge over Lake Hamilton;  turn off of 70 West at the Hemp Wallace sign onto Hwy. 227 or locally known as Sunshine Road;  about 3 to 4 mi. down Sunshine Road, turn to your right onto Oak Grove Road, the cemetery will be about a tenth of a mile ahead on your left, about 300 feet off the road.

Latitude: 34.481N, Longitude: -93.24W


Ollie Ann (Vanderburg) Holt
William P. Holt
Drewy W. Mathews
Elisha William Mathews
M. Small Mathews
Frankland Haynes Vanderburg
Jacob Lester Vanderburg
Lloyd and Mary (Blackwelder) Vanderburg
Marvin and Hazel (Smith) Vanderburg
Philip Ray Vanderburg
Sue (Truett) Vanderburg

Old Seminary Cemetery, Stephens, AR
Directions from Stephens: Take Hwy. 57 north for 
2.5 mi.  Turn left on a gravel road (Co. Rd. 104) and go 0.9  
mi. to a sharp curve to the right.  Two dim roads will 
leave the gravel road in this sharp curve.  The first one 
(Co. Rd. 112) leads to a Black cemetery still in use.  The second 
road is very dim and is about 50 feet from the first one.  The 
cemetery is on the right, about 0.2 mi. down this dim road.
(photo and directions by Jerry McKelvy)
Elizabeth (Walker) Morgan

James Beverly Morgan



Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Oceanside, CA

Located at corner of So. El Camino Real and Fire Mountain Dr.


Otis and Christine Vanderburg



Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bath, MI

Located at the corner of Webster & Drumheller Roads

Latitude: 42.807N, Longitude: -84.449W

Thomas A. "Burt" and Julia M. Beardsley

Union Cemetery, Grand Ledge, Eaton Co., MI

(Also known as the Partlow Cemetery or Johnson Cemetery)

Located west of Grand Ledge on Benton Road in Oneida Township just north of Hwy. 43.

Latitude: 42.7670N, Longitude: -84.8187W

(photo by Marlaina Taylor)

Semantha (Partlow) Davenport

Almond Partlow

Ephraim M. and Annie (Sessions) Partlow

Johnathan Partlow

Levi P. and Mary J. (Blasier) Partlow

Mary L. Partlow

Palmer and Eliza (Sanders) Partlow



Alden Cemetery

Alden, MN

Located on Co. Hwy. 6 just north of Hwy. 109 

Latitude: 43.679N, Longitude: -93.583W

Reinhart and Bertha (Luskow) Maas

Ebenezer Lutheran Cemetery in Ida Twp. Douglas Co., MN.

Located 0.75 mi. east of the junction of County Roads 5 NW and 6 NW

Directions from Garfield:  Take Co. Hwy. 22 east about 2 mi. and turn left on Co. Rd. 6 NW going north, continue for about 5.5 mi, then 0.75 mi. east on Co. Rd. 5

Latitude: 46.027N, Longitude: -95.441W.


Fritz Karl Maas

First Lutheran Church Cemetery in Cosmos Twp., Meeker Co., MN

Directions from Cosmos: Take Hwy. 7 east 1 mi, then north 1.5 mi on 545th Ave. to 145th St. Turn right and the church is 1/2 down the road on your left.

Oscar and Agnes (Draxton) Maas

Hector Cemetery in Renville County, Hector, MN

Located on Hwy. 4 about 0.7 mi south of US Hwy 212

Latitude: 44.730N, Longitude: -94.722W

Carl Friedrich Antonio Maass

Herman and Lena (Besser) Maass

Leona Augusta Johanna Maass

Leonard and Cora (Katzenmeyer) Maas

Home Cemetery, Sleepy Eye, MN

Located on St. Mary's St. NE

Latitude: 44.304N, Longitude: -94.711W

Alice (Maas) Radel

Brian Mark Maas

Gilbert August Maas

Lucille Deloris (Maas) Neal

William and Lillian (Kroschel) Maas

Johnsonville Township Cemetery, Redwood Co., MN

Located on County Rd. 10 about 1.75 mi north of County Rd 4 in Section 10 of Twp. 110N, Range 38W 

Latitude: 44.3524N,  Longitude: -95.4104W

Albert and Marie (Hansen) Maas

August and Clara (Engelmeier) Maas

Carl August Walter Maas 

Frank W. J. Maas

Julius and Emilie (Köhler) Maas

Martha L. J. (Wandersee) Maas

Paul J. Maas

Lowell Schmiesing

Medo Lutheran Cemetery south of Pemberton, MN

Located at the intersection of  County Rds. 53 and 21

Directions from Pemberton: Take County Rd. 53 south to County Rd. 21

Latitude: 43.9626N,  Longitude: -93.7873W

Established: 1876

Anita Edna Lust

Raymond F. Lust

Rosalia (Maass) Lust

Darold Eugene Maass

Duane Maass

Elmer and Ruth Maass

Frank W. and Marie (Holtz) Maass

Merlin F. Maass

Morgan City Cemetery

Morgan, MN

Located on County Rd. 2 about one mile south of Morgan

Latitude: 44.394N, Longitude: -94.926W

Erwin Otto Maas

Peace United Church of Christ Cemetery

Minnesota Lake, MN

Located on Cemetery Rd. about one-half mile northeast of town

Latitude: 43.849N, Longitude: -93.828W

Arthur and Mathilda (Schwarz) Budach

Eileen M. Budach

Gustav and Ida (Schwarz) Budach

Palmer and Bernita (Kunz) Hoechst

Redwood Falls Cemetery,

Redwood Falls, MN

Located on No. Swain St. about 1/4 mi. north of Northwood Dr.

Latitude: 44.550N, Longitude: -95.098W

Melvin and Verna (Steffen) Leopold

Melvin and Bernice (Hendrickson) Noack

(photo courtesy of Lori Fuller)

Rose Hill Cemetery, Wells, MN

Located west of Wells at the junction of Hwy 109 and Half Moon Rd.

Latitude: 43.747N, Longitude: -93.739W



Adolph and Ada Giese

Charles and Clara Giese

Dale F. Giese 

Elwood S. Giese

Emilie (Maass) Giese

Esther M. Klingbeil

August and Clara (Block) Wetzel

Evelyn (Giese) Zabel

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Blue Earth Co., Danville Twp., MN

Located at the junction of Hwy. 30 and Co. Rd. 161 northeast of Minnesota lake, MN

Latitude: 43.8911N, Longitude: -93.7873W

Established: 1868

Ella Pick

John and Bertha (Maas) Pick

Martha E. Pick

Marten Pick

Walter J. Pick

Werner C. Pick

Anna (Maas) Schwarz 

William Schwarz

St. Matthew Lutheran Cemetery, rural Wabasso, MN

Located at the junction of Co. Rd 55 and Hunter Ave.

Directions from Wabasso:  Take State Hwy. 68 about 0.5 mi. west to Co. Hwy. 6, then 3 mi. south to Co. Rd 55 (210th St.) and 1 mi. west to Hunter Ave.

Latitude: 44.355N, Longitude: -95.288W

Heinrich Luedtke 

Johanna (Maass) Luedtke

Werner and Ella (Wandersee) Luedtke 





St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Springfield, MN

Located northeast of Springfield on 200th St. just east of Co. Rd. 5

Latitude: 44.253N, Longitude: -94.961W

Esther (Maas) Gatzlaff

Edward and Emma (Wetzel) Kettner

Amanda Anna Rieck

Caroline (Liepke) Rieck

Christian Rieck

Datie (Moore) Rieck

Dennis Rieck

Marilyn W. Rieck

Marvin Walter Rieck

Robert W. Rieck

Rudy and Esther (Schulz) Rieck

Walter W. Rieck

Wilhlem "William" and Marie (Schulz) Rieck

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery

New Ulm, MN

Located on 21st N St. between N Garden St. and Cemetery Ave.

Latitude: 44.3333N, Longitude: -94.4888W

Hilda (Timm) Ebert

Lydia (Timm) Neemann

Joseph and Anna (Luedtke) Timm

Gladys Timm

Wilbert Timm

Sanborn Cemetery,

Sanborn, MN

Located on Co. Rd. 12 (100th St.) about 1/4 mi. west of US Hwy. 71

Latitude: 44.196N, Longitude: -95.125W

Allen and Ethel Steffen

Arnold and Elaine Steffen

Gustave and Hattie Steffen

Kathleen Steffen

Muriel Steffen

Raymond and Loretta Steffen

Stuart Steffen

Spicer Family Cemetery

Spicer, MN

Located at the intersection of Co. Rd. 10 and 6th Ave.

Latitude: 45.2325N, Longitude: -94.9455W

Marvin and Leona (Maas) Struck

Springfield City Cemetery,

Springfield, MN

Located on Co. Hwy. 24 about one half mile east of Co. Hwy. 5

Latitude: 44.230N, Longitude: -94.957W

William J. and Emma P. (Maas) Stark

Carl and Bertha (Koehler) Wetzel





Gene Maas 8/17/2010

Union Cemetery, Mapleton, MN

Located west of Mapleton at the junction of Hwy 30 and 3rd Ave. SW

Latitude: 43.928N, Longitude: -93.963W

Established: April 4, 1881

Carl and Martha (Maass) Besser

Herman and Hedwig "Hattie" (Maass) Hawker

Paul and Bernadine (Maass) Kunz

Carl Friedrich Erdmann Maass

Carl and Amelia Proehl

Carl and Minnie (Maass) Proehl

Edwin and Esther (Schubbe) Proehl

Elizabeth Proehl

Emilie (Luedtke) Proehl

Evelyn Proehl

Gerald and Elaine (Severtson) Proehl 

Herbert Proehl

Iva May (Hinkley) Schmiesing Proehl

Selma Proehl

William Proehl

Woodland Hills Cemetery

Mankato, MN

Located at 1605 Woodland Ave

Latitude: 44.1461N, Longitude: -94.0272W


Aymer and Ella (Maas) Axtelle

Ewald and Everell (Schmiesing) Bartsch

Clayton Price Malone

George and Hattie (Besser) Rinehart

Zoars Cemetery, Waseca County, Waldorf, MN

Located at the corner of 10th St. and 240th Ave.

Directions from Waldorf: Take Hwy 83 south to 240th Ave., then 1.5 mi. west

Latitude: 43.906N, Longitude: -93.748W

William and Emma (Schwarz) Beske

Wilhelmine (Rix) Maass





St Martin Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cabarrus County, NC

Located at 5469 Hwy 200, Concord, NC

(photo courtesy of T. McManaway)

Francis Vanderburg 
Elizabeth (Perry) Vanderburg

Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cabarrus County, NC

Located at 100 St John's Church Rd, Concord, NC
(photo courtesy of Connie Cunningham)

Jacob Blackwelder

Johann Jacob Meisenheimer

Elizabetha "Betsey" Phifer

Anna Margaretha Reiter

Gottlieb "Caleb" Schwarzwelter





Gackle Cemetery, Gackle, ND

Located in the southwest corner of Gackle on Spruce St. west.

Latitude: 46.6245N, Longitude: -99.1512W

Edwin "Pete" and Anna (Stroh) Brunnmeier

John and Katherine (Just) Meidinger

Ted and Marie (Dorr) Meidinger

Hope Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery, Logan County, ND

Located southwest of Streeter, ND near the intersection of 59th St. SE and 48th Ave. SE in SW 1/4 of Section 25, Twp., 136, Range 69

Latitude: 46.558N, Longitude: -99.433W


Meidinger baby girl

Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown, ND

Located along 19th St. NW near 27th St. NW

Directions from Jamestown: Go about 2 mi. north on  US 281.

Latitude: 46.933N, Longitude: -98.734W



Alvina Buckwalter

Bill and Anna (Schneekloth) Maas
Carl F. J. Maas        
Herbert Maas                      
Hermine  M.(Rieck) Maas         
Margaret Maas                      
Otto Maas        

(photo courtesy of Susan Richter)

Medina Cemetery, Medina, ND

Located one half mile south of town at 3611 55th Ave SE.

Latitude: 46.887N, Longitude: -99.300W




Adolph and Rose Meidinger

Donald Meidinger

Fred and Christina Meidinger

St. Andrews Lutheran Cemetery, rural Zeeland, ND

Located southeast of Zeeland at the junction of 101st St. SE and 27th Ave. SE in McIntosh County.

Directions from Wishek: 9 mi. west on  Hwy. 13; 10 mi. south on County Hwy. 35; then 1 mi. west on gravel road. 

Latitude: 45.955N, Longitude: -99.816W

Barbara (Frey) Just

Christof Just

George and Christina (Rudolf) Just

Katharina Schnabel

St. Lukes Lutheran Cemetery, Streeter, ND

Located northwest of Streeter on 52nd Ave. SE

Latitude: 46.667N, Longitude: -99.366W

Harold Bachman

Barbara Gramm

Christina (Gramm) Meidinger

Jacob and Martha (Schnabel) Meidinger

Peter Meidinger

St. Luke Lutheran Cemetery, Wishek, ND

Located one half mile NE of town east of 40th Ave. SE

Latitude: 46.267N, Longitude: -99.543W

Jacob and Katherine (Meidinger) Frey

Andreas and Rosina (Wiest) Just

August and Albina (Ketterling) Just

Fred and Magdalina (Schwindt) Just

Gerhardt and Lillian (Rau) Just

Gustav and Barbara (Vossler) Just

Jacob A. Just

Jacob and Ottelia (Eckman) Just

Rueben Just

Otto and Martha (Schwind) Meidinger

Walter and Agnes Meidinger

Ludwig and Eva (Aipperspach) Rudolf

Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jamestown, ND

Located at 3225 Highway 20

Directions from Jamestown: Take Hwy. 20 north about 2 mi. to 32nd St. SE.

Latitude: 46.948N, Longitude: -98.693W


Glenn and Marie (Maas) Buckwalter

Arnold and Bertha (Meidinger) Letcher

Francis and Emma Letcher

Fred Maas

Walter and Lydia Maas




Bennington Cemetery, Bryan County, Bennington, OK

Located 0.5 mi. east of Bennington on Winters Creek road. 

Latitude: 34.0041N, Longitude: -96.0326W

Felix Franklin Fry

Daisy Mae (Beardsley) Vanderburg

Hazel Inez Vanderburg

Mary Adelia Vanderburg

Thomas Calvin Vanderburg



(photo courtesy of Nancy Matthews)

Garner Family Cemetery, Gadston, TX

This abandoned rural cemetery is located about 12 mi. south of Paris, TX in a cow pasture on the west side of the Old Dallas highway (Lamar Co. Rd. 14760). It is about 0.7 mi. north of where the Co. Rd. 14760 intersects with Hwy 24. 

Directions from Paris, TX: Go south on Hwy 24 to Lamar Co. Rd. 14760 (just before crossing the Sulphur River) and turn left and follow the road to the northeast. About 3/4 mi. up the road is a  farmstead on the right. The cemetery is about 100 yards northeast of the metal barn (Gene Maas 4/29/2001).

Latitude: 33.492N, Longitude: -95.58W

Julius Abiel Vanderburg


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