Descendants of
Carl, Julius, & Johanna Maass

Edited by Gene and Norma Maas
Published 1989by CompuType Business Services, Riverside, California

Table Of Contents

In Memory of Walter William Frank Maasiv
In Appreciationv
The Maass Family Tree01
Genealogical Research01
   IGI List03
   Steinhofel Church Record04
Our German Roots06
   Map of Prussia, 187107
   Map of Western Pomerania, 18th Century08
   Detailed Map: Hohen Schoenau area, 1893   09
   Detailed Map: Braunsforth area, 189310
What's in a Name11
Voyage to America11
A Guide to the Family Directory13
   Genealogy Numbering System13
   Directory Guidelines and Abbreviations14
Carl Erdmann Maass Branch15
Carl Erdmann Maass Biography16
   1900 Census18
Augusta Lembke19
Amelia Giese Family19
Herman Maass Family26
Martha Besser Family37
Albertine Maass61
Minnie Proehl Family66
Maria Cook Family78
Frank Maass Family80
Hedwig "Hattie" Hawker Family85
Carl Maass, Jr.90
John Maass90
Reinhart Maass Family90
Bernadine Kunz Family91
Julius Maass Branch101
SS Oldenburg102
Julius Maas Biography103
   Passenger List112
   1900 Census114
Land Grant Deed115
Bertha Pick Family116
Anna Schwarz Family118
Carl Maas Biography133
   William Julius Maas Biography141
Carl Maas Family143
   Walter Maas Biography150
Emma Maas161
Martha Maas161
August Maas Biography167
August Maas Family173
Hedwig "Hattie" Steffen Biography179
Hedwig "Hattie" Steffen Family182
Frank Maas Biography189
Frank Maas Family191
   Threshing in Minnesota202
William Ernest Maas Family207
Johanna Maass Luedtke Branch217
Johanna Maass Luedtke Biography219
   1900 Census220
Bertha Luedtke221
Anna Timm Family221
Emilie Proehl Family228
Ida Bloedow Family228
Henry Luedtke231
Hedwig "Hattie" Bloedow Family231
Elizabeth Schmiesing Family234
Frank Luedtke Family239
Werner Luedtke242
Erich Luedtke243
Pictures from Germany247
Alphabetical Directory249

Copyright © 2000 Gene and Norma Maas

An addendum with additions and corrections was published in 1997. Both the book and addendum are still available at a price of $40.00 plus shipping. If you are interested in a copy, please contact Gene Maas by email.

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