Obernhagen, Kr. Regenwalde, Pomerania (Lubien Górny, Poland)

Obernhagen is located about 3 miles southeast of Regenwalde.

David Maass, my 2nd great grandfather was born here on March 6, 1810 and baptized five days later, presumably in this church.

In 1871, there were 22 families living in this village with a total population of 138 people.


Click on images for an enlarged view (photos taken in May 2007)



Entering Obernhagen                        Surrounding Landscape



 Obernhagen mansion                        Entrance to the Gut                          Barns on the Gut




Ruins of the church in Obernhagen (This church was approx. 25 ft wide and 60 to 65 ft. long)   




Duane Maas standing in one of the Gothic windows




Obernhagen Cemetery                  1793 Gravestone



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