Henkenhagen Kr. Kolberg-Körlin, Pomerania
(Ustronie Morskie, Poland)

Henkenhagen is a seaside resort town located on the Baltic coast about 7 miles northeast of Kolberg. Our Maass ancestors settled in this area prior to 1540, possibly as early as the 14th century. In 1937, there were still nine Maass families living here.

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(photos taken in April 2007)

Entering Henkenhagen from east
Street in Henkenhagen
Relax Inn
Street shopping
Train station
Street along the beach (Dünenstrasse)
Sea shore at Henkenhagen
Sea shore at Henkenhagen
Beach at Henkenhagen
Skansen Museum of Bread
Patio behind the museum restaurant
Anetta in the restaurant
Brick oven in the kitchen

© - Gene Maas
2 Dec 2007