Ziegenberg Kr. Kolberg-Körlin, Pomerania
(Sianozety, Poland)

Ziegenberg is about 6 miles northeast of Kolberg on the Baltic coast. It adjoins Henkenhagen (Ustronie M.) on the west.

The first documented Maass living in the coastal area east of Kolberg was Martin Maass who was born about 1540. Martin lived on a full-sized farmstead that he inherited from his father. In 1606, the farm was 40 ha. in size, or about 100 acres. This farm, which lies between Ziegenberg and Henkenhagen, remained in the Maass family for over 400 years. The last owner was Emil Maass who fled to the west in 1946 after WWII. The site of this farm and the homes of several other Maass families in 1937 can be seen on a detailed plot map of Henkenhagen.
(photos taken in April 2007)

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Street map of Ziegenberg and Henkenhagen

Maass Farm

Entrance to the Maass Farm
The Maass residence
Front of the house
Farm yard
East side of the barn
West side of the barn
South end of the barn
Looking northeast
Looking east
View of the corrals looking towards Ulrichshof

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2 Dec 2007